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Under the New School Uniform program, we distribute custom tailored New School Uniform to each student's specifications. We distribute New School Uniforms according to the color, size and pattern to the needy and deserving students, as recommended by their schools at the beginning of the academic year. Each student is given two sets of New School Uniform. From the past nineteen years, the foundation has distributed over two lakhs new school uniforms consisting more than two hundred and fifty colors and much more.
Our members, lady members and children involve themselves in the whole process of identifying the students, stiching, packing, checking and distribution of New School Uniforms. A little change and innovativeness is brought and designed to make the whole process more interesting. From this year, we have decided to adopt the whole school or Institution on a merit basis to all the students of a school. We, at rcc have further decided to single out one color of uniform with RCC logo among all the adopted schools.
Over a period, the foundation has expanded its horizon in social service. The various program of the Foundation is Old Clothes Scheme, Distribution of New Clothes, Distribution of Tailor made New School Uniforms and, RCC MIT Endowment Scheme. More than Twenty Lakhs people have already benefitted from the foundation, which includes beneficiaries from different NGOs like Orphanages, Destitute Homes, Leprosy Home, Mental Hospitals, Bal Bhavans, Old Age Homes, besides victims of natural calamities such as floods, fires, Tsunami etc. We have rushed relief supplies to the earthquake victims in Gujarat and victims of super cyclone in Orissa and Tsunami affected areas in Tamilnadu. The board of Trustees monitor the activities of the Foundation under the guidance of experienced social workers, permanent staffs, who manage day to day operations from our own premises at Nungambakkam, Chennai.
We purchase sarees and other dress materials and stitch again custom tailored dresses inside your premises. The new set of clothes are distributed to the underprivileged sections from the society on the occasion of festivals like Tamil New Year, Diwali and Pongal.
We, at Rajasthan Cosmo Club Foundation always believe in being the helping hand to the underprivileged members of the society. We strive to meet their necessities by offering them new clothes under our New Clothes Scheme. Our passion is to indulge in improving the conditions of the downtrodden people and we do so by collecting sample bits from textile traders and manufacturers.
Before you think that you don’t know who needs the Old Clothes, we are here to distribute it to the population who needs them. Bringing a smile to those people from NGOs and Orphanages by Donating Old Clothes gives us a enormous amount of pleasure. Our Foundation’s endeavour is to find out new ways of making the Old Clothes available to all the people who need them.
We have launched Cloth Bank because we believe that those Old Clothes should not be dumped in the wardrobe. Our Old Clothes Scheme has given a new beginning to the lives of the people from Orphanages to NGOs.
We at RCC believe in sensitising the volunteers of Orphanages, Destitute and Leprosy Homes and, Bal Bhavans so that they can help the people in need. Your contribution to our Old Clothes Bank can bring a ray of hope to those dying out of cold or can enable children going to school or can enable individuals who want to succeed in their first job interview.
Our foundation collects huge set of clothes from different locations in and around the city on a regular basis. The collection of Old Clothes for Donation to Orphanages and Old Homes is done after the collected clothes are mended, if required, washed with proper chemicals, ironed and then segregated into various categories and sizes in poly bags. Our Cloth Bank believes in helping those who really need the Old Clothes to renew their lives.