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Our basic idea is to collect Old Clothes that can be still be used and make those available to the needy free of cost through different NGOs, old age and destitute homes and other organizations which are working for the upliftment of the underprivileged people. The Clothes Bank would be good for people who are donating as well because while disposing of their old clothes they would be doing charity by ensuring that these clothes reach the needy and poor people free of cost. Our Cloth Bank has also acted as a savior during the tsunami, floods and, fires.
If you want to come forward as a volunteer to give a contribution to Cloth Bank which further acts like an initiative to distribute Old Clothes. Our primary objective is to do Old Clothes Donation and make it available to the needy through different NGOs and Leprosy Homes who are also looking for the upliftment of the needy and the downtrodden people.